The Spa design, with its Flora and Fauna concept, was inspired by Mother Nature, which is reflected in the Spa’s use of indigenous natural materials evoking a sense of floral charm and Mediterranean chic. In conjunction with this concept, world-famous natural products are used in all treatments.

SPA InterContinental is proud to announce that none of our special treatment products have been tested on animals, nor has nature been disturbed in any way during the construction of our Spa.

Located in P floor, Spa InterContinental has a lot to offer from cardio zone to Turkish Bath and outdoor pool. We would like to remind that we don’t have an indoor pool.

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Soft music, mood-enhancing lighting, the subtle aroma of essential oils diffusing into the air, the sensuous touch of natural stone and wood, and the exotic flavour of delicious fruit, all combine to create an ambiance of pure luxury and indulgence in all 7 different rooms.

Facial, Skin and body treatments, carried out by expert therapists, give your skin and body a refreshed, and firmer apperance; a superior treatment through the use of enriched formulas, cryogenic treatments, anti-aging applications and methods appropriate to all skin types awaits you.

An exclusive package is provided with experts tailoring a variety of treatments to your skin’s specific needs, professional application, and the use of completely natural Charme d’Orient and Forlle’d products.

Enjoy jacuzzi across Bosphorus view at Angelica Spa Suite. There are 2 therapy beds, lounge, steam room and shower in the suite.



Whether you are looking for a more advanced training programme or simply to stay in shape with some basic core exercises, our team will prepare a personal programme customised to your needs.

We understand that a balanced approach to fitness and relaxation is essential, and at SPA InterContinental we provide the best of both worlds. The Cardio-Zone is specially designed with a state-of-the-art fitness studio. All equipment is from the new Life Fitness range. The treadmills, summit trainer, bicycles or cross trainers all allow access to world news, movie etc. All together with natural daylights and stunning views of the Bosphorus.

Gym area has recently been renewed with technological, user-friendly equipments.